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I have collected 1 card of each different game used material that has been featured on a Cal Ripken Jr. card. The materials are: Jersey, Pants, Bat, Baseball, Fielding Glove, Batting Glove, Stadium Seat, Dugout Bench, Base, Hat, Helmet, On Deck Circle, Infield Dirt, Jacket, and Outfield Wall (newly discovered). I couldn't believe all the different materials they put on cards. The helmet was by far the hardest to track down. They only made it in 2006 Topps Sterling for Ripken.

NOTE: I did not include items such as jersey buttons, patches, tags, bat barrel pieces, etc. I consider those to be just specific parts of the overall jersey or bat or whatever material it is.






Fielding Glove:

Batting Glove:

Stadium Seat:

Dugout Bench:


Hat (the first "1" is the hat piece):

Helmet (the "1" is the helmet piece):

On Deck Circle:

Infield Dirt:


Outfield Wall: